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Richard Scudamore vs Dave Boyle: Compare & Contrast

The communications were rude, offensive and ill-thought out. That they were made in an entirely personal capacity offered little or no excuse. A man in his position ought to have the basic judgement not to say such things while being in that position. He did not remain in that position for long. That last sentence…

6:57 pm

Friday Night Fever – A League of Ireland Experience

There is plenty of debate over the relative standard of the various British football leagues, usually focusing on whether the Scottish or Welsh top-flight is “Championship” or “League One” standard. After an evening in the company of the League of Ireland (LOI) last month, my internal debate was whether I’d been watching “Championship” or “National…

11:40 am

Pushed Down The Pyramid: Why Premier League B Teams Can “B” Off

A few days ago I was pondering the inadvisability of both knee-jerk reactions and the tendency for media outlets to focus on one aspect of a particular story at the expense of the “bigger picture.” A few days later, I was guilty of both, in response to The FA Chairman’s England Commission report and its…

11:31 am

Promotion Play-off Places – The Ryman Race

The EPL and La Liga may be going down to the proverbial “wire” but they’ve had nothing on the race to follow Wealdstone into the Conference South. Here, Mark Murphy offers a Kingstonian perspective on the titanic tussle to leave the Isthmian League behind… at least for a bit. It was a confusing text. Where…

7:44 pm

Rangers: Show Us The Deeds Of Novation

Test match cricket commentators are a little over-fond of saying that “the next session is crucial.” BUT… the “next session” in the “Rangers” saga looks very crucial indeed. There is no-one left to deny that Rangers desperately need money. And their early-April call for current season-ticket holders to renew said tickets by May 6th is…

8:01 pm

The Fall And Plateau Of Manchester United

It is more of an FA Cup word than a Champions League word. But there’s no denying that during their 1-1 draw with Bayern Munich this week, Manchester United were “plucky.” The FA Cup analogy is not entirely inappropriate. I’d missed the meetings where everyone was told that United were in for the sort of…

10:12 pm

Rangers: Crisis Over, Or Just Beginning?

It is little wonder that Scotland’s Mainstream Media (SMSM) get a hard time when, aside from any perceived Celtic/Rangers/Old Firm bias, they make such elementary errors. The Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) interim results revealed operating losses of £3.6m between July 1st and December 31st 2013, which the Daily Record and the Herald newspapers called…

6:23 pm
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