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Celtic: “Already Bankrupt”?

6:29 pm

“The Boys From The West Of Scotland Don’t Scare Easily”: Rangers At War

8:38 am

Ken Bates Loses The Closest Thing He Ever Had To ‘Honour’

Last week, I tweeted that “Bates claims his sacking is “unfair & ridiculous” treatment? Good. A strong taste of his own medicine. Hope he’s a victim of the…treatment he’s gloried in dishing out to others down the years. Hope he sues and loses.”

7:31 pm

Celtic’s Saturday Afternoon At Brentford

Apparently, last Saturday, I and hundreds of others went on a hooligan rampage and “destroyed” the West London suburb of Brentford, while attending a pre-season ‘friendly’ between weakened sides from Brentford’s League One club and current Scottish champions, Celtic.

10:11 am

The 2013 Under-20 World Cup: Final Days & A Final Say

Almost inevitably, after such a fine tournament, the Under-20s World Cup Final was flatter than the Istanbul pitch on which it was played. And Mark Murphy’s disappointment was a double one.

8:48 am

The 2013 Under-20 World Cup – The Semi-Finals

It’s down to four in the 2013 Under-20s World Cup, as Mark Murphy reports.

8:11 am

The 2013 Under-20 World Cup: Seconds Out, Round Two

Eight games left, then. And this tournament is toasting nicely.

2:05 pm
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