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Tales From A Mickey Mouse Cup

The London Senior Cup doesn’t quite have the stature that it used to have, but it still stirs up something primeval in the supporters of the teams that make it to its final.

10:12 pm

Peter Pannu Is Considerably Richer Than You

Birmingham City supporters haven’t had very much to celebrate over the course of this season, but one of the club’s directors, Peter Pannu, has had an excellent season. Well, for himself, at least.

1:13 pm

Donald Findlay’s Casebook, And How Supporters Direct Scotland Got It Right

The debate over the future of Scottish football continues to spiral towards some sort of critical mass, but what are the motives behind those shouting the loudest at the moment?

9:52 pm

The Revisionism Of Ridsdale

6:27 pm

Charles Green On STV: No “Nonsense”

8:06 am

Plymouth Argyle Remain A Work In Progress

10:19 am

Watford: ‘Bankrupt Baz’ Gets Banned

12:03 am
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