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O’Neill & Keane – The Dream Team?

8:39 pm

The FIFA Under-17 World Cup: The Semi-Finals

10:09 pm

The 2013 FIFA Under-17 World Cup: The Quarter-Finals

10:07 pm

The FIFA Under-17 World Cup: The Second Round

The odds against a Brazil/Nigeria final in the Under-17 World Cup are now shorter than a jockey. For all my talk of “dark horses” in this tournament, the second round revealed a gulf in pace, power, technique – and any other Alan Hansen-ism you might care to quote – between the Selecao, the Golden Eaglets…

9:25 pm

The Republic of Ireland: International Football As Tragi-Comedy

9:02 pm

Rangers: Dave King – More Than Glib & Shameless

6:23 pm

Rangers: More Money Madness

9:27 pm
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