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2014: Football’s Annus Excrementilis

200% is a powerful website. On December 10th, Mark Murphy asked Peter Pannu to “please **** off from Birmingham City. On December 12th…he…pissed off from Birmingham City. Co-incidence? Or will the following rant have a similarly desired effect on some of the reprehensible football “personalities” referenced therein? Co-incidence, probably. But still, eh? In the summer,…

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Peter Pannu – Please Piss Off

Peter Pannu has his own niche in the moral quagmire into which the higher levels of modern English club football has sunk. In his five years at St Andrews, Pannu has been overpaid and has underachieved in roughly equal measure, enriching himself (and it has often seemed as if decisions on his remuneration have been…

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Blues’n’ Trouble – The Continuing Story Of Birmingham City

When I last wrote about Birmingham City things were grim, on-field and off. In the intervening seven months, NOTHING has changed… apart from the entry in the club’s record books marked “heaviest home defeat.” On May 3rd, Blues avoided relegation to League One by about as long as it took me to type this far….

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The 200% World Cup: The Final Word – Fun, Wasn’t it?

It was a measure of how entertaining the 2014 World Cup finals were until then that the second-round tie between Argentina and Switzerland got such horrible reviews. No two hours of football containing 43 (count ‘em) attempts on goal should be completely written off, however putrid some of them were (hello, Josip Drmic). Especially given…

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The 200% World Cup: Tales Of An ABE

There is usually no moral dilemma for a fan of “anyone but England” (ABE) approaching a major international football tournament – or, for that matter, any England game. And the pathological ABEs will never have such a dilemma.  As “Britain’s best sporting comic” Andy Zaltzman noted in an Independent newspaper World Cup preview which I…

6:20 pm

The 200% World Cup: Young ‘Uns To Watch

So, farewell then, World Cup warm-ups. Italy’s mad match against Brazilian club side Fluminense – almost certainly the most entertaining of the thousand or so recent preparation games – brought SKY TV’s live match coverage to a temporary end and we can now let the real games begin. Here, Mark Murphy nominates his “ones to…

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The 200% World Cup: The Warm-Ups – No Dutch Courage Against Wales

That’s more like it. After far too much entertainment at Craven Cottage last week, this stroll in the Amsterdam twilight was what World Cup warm-up friendlies are all about. Not getting injured and making the post-match fireworks as incongruous as possible. While Ireland’s draw with Italy was put into perspective by the Azzurri’s inability to…

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