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The 2012 Olympic Games: The Mens Medal Matches

Only a few souls got into Newcastle’s St. James’s Park in time to see Mexico play South Korea in the two sides’ men’s Olympic football tournament group game. And their emotions now probably range between smug (“I saw the Gold and Bronze medalists playing each other”) and disbelieving (“I saw the Gold and Bronze medalists…

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Port Vales Summer Of Optimism Returns To Square One

200% has observed events at Burslem from a distance over the summer, as Port Vale appeared to be slowly edging towards an exit from administration. In recent weeks, Vale have begun to slowly edge nowhere. In the first of a two-part piece, Mark Murphy summarises what has happened, and what hasn’t happened at the club…

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The 2012 Olympic Games: The Womens Medal Matches

The winners were predictable long before the first match – arguably since the last kick of the 2011 World Cup Final penalty shoot-out. The United States, fuelled by revenge for a defeat in that match they didn’t really deserve, went ahead early in an appropriately entertaining Olympic final and, despite Japan’s best performance of the…

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The 2012 Olympic Games: The Mens Semi-Finals

South Korea dominated the early stages of their men’s Olympic football semi-final against what Jonathan Pearce summed up perfectly as “a higgledy-piggledy mess” of a Brazil side. This led to the fleeting prospect of a South Korea v. Mexico final. And, as those two sides met at Newcastle in one of the tournament’s direst games,…

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The 2012 Olympic Games: Womens Football – The Semi-Finals

After one-and-a-half sensational semi-finals, I feel like a killjoy. Despite the wonderful football played – at least as much by the losers as the winners – my thoughts were of refereeing decisions at Old Trafford; of penalties given (to the United States) and not given (to Canada); of yellow cards not shown (to Abby Wambach)….

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The 2012 Olympic Games: The Mens Quarter-Finals

Of course they did. How could they do anything else? If the Olympic football tournament wasn’t a “proper” international football tournament already, it became one after what someone will surely call Team GB’s “ignominious quarter-final exit on penalties” on Saturday night. Nevertheless, those questioning the legitimacy of Olympic football might point to Team GB’s failings…

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The 2012 Olympic Games: Womens Football – The Quarter-Finals

Those pesky quarter-finals do their worst yet again. By the time Hope Powell’s Team GB got any cohesion into their game against Canada, they were already a (terrific) goal down and the initiative had flown across the Atlantic, never to return.It was a sad, slightly flat way for Team GB’s otherwise impressive campaign to end,…

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