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The Feyenoord Charity Smear

The Scottish mainstream media (SMSM) has taken a comprehensive booting in recent years for misreading the Rangers story, old and new. However, new lows were reached with coverage of a visit by fans of Dutch club Feyenoord to Glasgow from February 27th to March 1st. In February 2014, Celtic and Feyenoord fans combined under the…

3:26 pm

Stan Collymore… Moral Guardian?

I often wonder where they would have been if we hadn’t have taken them in, fed them and washed them. Imagine the scene. A leading club, one of England’s best-supported, reaches the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley against a long-standing, bitter rival in a match televised live by the BBC. From an early stage, they…

8:10 pm

Premier League Players Worth Every Penny, Says Peck

Amid all the fevered reaction to the national GDP-sized English Premier League (EPL) TV deal for 2016-2019, one article particularly activated my bile duct. It wasn’t from a usual suspect, either. No Martin Samuel little-Englander/Francophile nonsense. No mainstream Scottish media straight-down-the-line lying. But the Independent newspaper’s hitherto inoffensive and, in my opinion, highly-readable Tom Peck,…

1:50 pm

African Cup Of Nations 2015: A Lack Of Quality In Every Third

The 2015 African Cup of Nations (CAN) in Equatorial Guinea was hyped as wide open and unpredictable. And with holders Nigeria failing to qualify and “bigger” teams such as Cameroon and Cote D’Ivoire in “transition” this was hype you could believe. But talk of “no outstanding teams” was right on two levels. The drama of…

8:13 pm

Celtic In The English Premier League… Well… Sort Of

January 21st already had considerable weirdness potential when I noticed that “Villarreal” was trending on Twitter.  I was – and here’s a sentence I’ve not typed before – off to a match between Celtic and Villarreal under-21s at Dartford FC’s Princes Park ground, in the “Premier League International Cup” (PLIC) – a title you’d normally…

1:48 pm

The AFC Asian Cup: An Inter-Nation Poor Relation?

A minor twitter storm kicked up last week when it dawned on many watchers of the AFC Asian Cup on British Eurosport 2 that just as a gradually warming-up tournament was starting to steam up, the channel’s coverage was evaporating. The service British Eurosport have provided over recent years to international football tournament junkies such…

9:49 pm

2014: Football’s Annus Excrementilis

200% is a powerful website. On December 10th, Mark Murphy asked Peter Pannu to “please **** off from Birmingham City. On December 12th…he…pissed off from Birmingham City. Co-incidence? Or will the following rant have a similarly desired effect on some of the reprehensible football “personalities” referenced therein? Co-incidence, probably. But still, eh? In the summer,…

3:09 pm
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