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Interviews With The Vampires Part Two: Charles Green Meets Keys & Gray

It is a story that, depending on which side of Glasgow football’s ‘Old Firm’ fence you sit, either keeps on giving or won’t go away, even if its central figure since last May supposedly has gone away.

10:39 am

Interviews With The Football Vampires: Part One

Michel Platini recently met Martin Samuel and their conversation was very revealing… about Samuel, at least.

10:35 am

A Night At The Opera: England’s Really Friendly Friendly

Mark Murphy went to see England play Ireland at Wembley expecting the worst but ended up passing a perfectly pleasant evening.

11:40 pm

Dumber & Dumber Still – The Birth Of Achill Islam CSC

A combination of “banter” and anti-Islamic paranoia made one banner at the Scottish Cup final considerably more famous than it would otherwise have been.

6:35 pm

Birmingham City: Peter Pannu Posts – Part Two

Part Two of our series, documenting the wilder extremes of the comments made by the Birmingham City director, Peter Pannu.

7:26 am

Birmingham City: Peter Pannu Posts – Part One

Birmingham City’s acting chairman Peter Pannu recently responded to media focus on his financial affairs with a lengthy statement on the club’s website. It said much about the man, his attitude and the Blues’ off-field problems – little of it good. Mark Murphy comments on it all.

7:25 am

Tales From A Mickey Mouse Cup

The London Senior Cup doesn’t quite have the stature that it used to have, but it still stirs up something primeval in the supporters of the teams that make it to its final.

10:12 pm
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