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Mungo S03E14

The welcome distraction of a European game proves to be just too good an opportunity to make your presence felt for Mungo McCrackas to pass up. With his new £340,000 per week contract busily smouldering in his back pocket and steely determination burning within his breast, Mungo again sets about trying to establish once and…

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Danny Baker

Over the past few weeks on his Saturday morning show on Radio 5 Live, it’s been growing increasingly apparent that Danny Baker’s illness-enforced absences were probably for something a little more serious than anyone had hoped, but that doesn’t make the confirmation of it any less numbing or unpleasant. There are understandably few details beyond…

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Mungo S03E13

Football this week has been brought to you by the number 10, the letter C and the word brinkmanship, and it’s no different at Heart of Clachmaninshire. The fallout from Mungo McCrackas’ transfer request continues to send people running for their inner sanctuary and doing the majority of their business in a bucket.  But!  Could…

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Mungo S03E12

It’s late October, which means the first frosts are on the ground, the nights are drawing in and Heart of Clachmaninshire FC are in crisis. But this year, they’ve done it in some style. Thanks to their bizarre egg-based plot to introduce a new player, they can add tough legal sanctions to their growing list…

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Mungo S03E11

With the Egggate saga still rumbling on, Heart of Clachmaninshire find themselves desperately short-staffed for a cup tie this week.  Luckily for the ramshackle selection of trainees and passers-by, our hero Mungo McCrackas was available for selection, although with the benefit of hindsight will probably wish he hadn’t been.  With part-time footballer and full-time maniac…

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The Premier League First Eleven

On Monday, Ian King wrote on this very site that Liverpool’s current problems had “gone far enough to stop even being amusing to the neutral”.  Whilst there are aspects of that which, as a devotedly cruel sociopathic iconoclast, I cannot necessarily agree with, there is one facet to the club’s current malaise which does concern…

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Mungo S03E10

The Egggate scandal has completely consumed Scottish football this week, as a high-profile court case seeks to clarify whether or not Heart of Clachmaninshire’s sensational new star Eggo McCrackas really could have been born yesterday.  Out of an egg.  Laid by Mungo. Dotmund is an idiot. Click the image for full size

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