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Friday essay: on the evolution of referees

Continuing our series this week about abuse in football, Dotmund turns his attention to the FA’s Respect campaign and its ongoing impact on the game’s much-maligned officials. Click for full-size

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Mungo S03E17

Thursday is our day for our weekly visit to Heart of Clachmaninshire, where a stuttering start to the season is about to get worse pending Sir Roddy Bulbs’ latest psychological assessment. More importantly, like Dotmund, all of the Clackers players, staff and supporters are getting behind Movember. This is the last Mungo of the month…

8:16 am

Friday essay: The development of goalkeeping attire

This week’s Picture That Dotmund Did concerns fashion, which is a typically hard-hitting subject for him to pick on.  Goalkeepers everywhere should sit up and take notice nevertheless, because someone has spotted what you’re up to. Click for full-size

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Mungo S03E16

After last week’s shenanigans, Heart of Clachmaninshire are looking to gain some positive press with a good display on the field.  This is not necessarily as easy as it sounds when your chairman has decided to try and segregate the playing staff based on lunch preferences. Dotmund made this. Click for full-size The real-life Egbert…

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A Picture That Dotmund Did: John W. Henry

Ah well.  It started out so positively and with such hopefulness for the future.  But it was only a matter of time before Liverpool’s new owner went all “Game 39″ on our asses.  Still, maybe it won’t be so bad.  Dotmund explores on our behalf. Click for full-size All of the original artwork in the…

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Mungo S03E15

This week, Heart of Clachmaninshire try to limit the damage of their rather disastrous start to the season with varying degrees of success.  Mungo’s thoughtful gift to his fallen comrades raises squad morale, whilst Sir Roddy Bulbs artfully sidesteps questions of a looming financial crisis live on television. The person who draws this is called…

7:41 am

Friday essay: On the history of moustaches in football

Fridays for the forseeable future on Twohundredpercent will be the home of a new feature, ‘A Picture That Dotmund Did’, where our resident artist gives the game of association football some serious in-depth analysis. No doubt. Today: a look at the inextricable link between football and nostril-warmers. Click for full-size The moustache is not just…

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