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Mungo S03E21

As if those post-Christmas blues weren’t hitting you hard enough, Mungo is back on Twohundredpercent. But the chances of him playing any football have been severely hit by the weather and an influx of normally non-migratory Arctic species. Hopefully the return of a familiar face or two will smooth over the cracks. Dotmund continues to…

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The Twohundredpercent Vault: A Mungo Christmas Message

Twohundredpercent is on its Christmas holidays for a a few days so, until then, we’re keeping the site ticking over with some of the best from our almost five year old archive. Mungo McCrackas was too drunk to record a Christmas message for us this year, so here’s last year’s, instead. Christmas is upon us,…

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Mungo S03E20

Heart of Clachmaninshire’s Christmas came early when the Scottish FA decided to allow them to take a one-off penalty after the scandal of 73rd Lanarkgate. The only potential problem is that the man charged with the responsibility is Mungo McCrackas, their deadly number 46 shirt. Like the Scottish football league itself, Mungo now takes a…

11:13 am

Friday essay: A World Cup debut for Qatar

For this week’s Picture That Dotmund Did, he’s worrying about history as usual. Qatar have just two more attempts to qualify for the World Cup before they become the first debutant to host a World Cup Finals since a time when goalkeepers smoked during corner kicks.

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Mungo S03E19

With chairman Sir Roddy Bulbs confined in what may be sensitively termed the nuthouse, a new man is temporarily at the helm of the good ship Heart of Clachmaninshire. And he’s not in the mood to take penalty decisions for an answer. Dotmund remains Britain’s biggest idiot. Click for full-size

8:02 am

Friday Essay: Seasonally-adjusted figures

As the most clued-up and news savvy readers may know, the UK has undergone something of a cold snap this week.  High time that Dotmund looked at the variety of clothing solutions footballers employ during icy weather. Dotmund is great at art, please visit him at his site and cop an eyeful. Click for full-size

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Mungo S03E18

Heart of Clachmaninshire’s renaissance still seems to be some way off, but for once it’s not for the want of trying.  Even Mungo McCrackas seems able to contribute to a positive team performance.  However, could sinister outside forces be about to derail their efforts?  The answer, inevitably, is yes. Mungo is brought to you by…

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