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The 200% World Cup: Dotmund’s Red Card Frenzy – A Preamble

Well, there are now only a couple of weeks to go before the start of the 2014 World Cup finals in Brazil, so it’s time to put our game faces on and present our traditional – this is the third World Cup we’ve covered, so I think I can use that word – pre-tournament build-up…

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Introducing… Unofficial, Unaffiliated Premier League Bingo!

Now, we’ve all done it – slumped down in front of the television or a laptop, wondering what on earth we can do to brighten up the prospect of a live match that we have no particular interest apart from the somewhat ghoulish hope that somebody might hold up a piece of card that says…

6:18 pm

200%’s World Cup Magic, Part One: Argentina vs Cameroon – 1990

12:19 pm

An Impossible Job: Twenty Years On

10:09 am

The Friday Cartoon, Early: DO THESE MEN HATE ENGLAND?

7:35 pm

The Friday Cartoon: An Elephant In A Football Kit

This week’s cartoon, by Dotmund, sums up the way that many of us seem to be feeling about football at the moment. You can follow Dotmund on Twitter by clicking here. You can follow 200% on Twitter by clicking here.

6:22 pm

The Friday Cartoon: England Win The 2022 World Cup

12:11 pm
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