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The Friday Cartoon: Football Haircuts In 2013 – A Cut Out & Keep Guide

10:11 am

The Friday Cartoon: Inside The Mind Of Brendan Rodgers

10:05 am

The Friday Cartoon: DVD Frenzy

This evening’s Friday cartoon sees our resident cartoon Ed Carter in the DVD section in HMV – yes, they still have those, apparently – looking at the selection of products that are available for sale to football fans and realising that there is a logical extreme to which this can be taken. Ed is the…

6:57 pm

The Friday Cartoon: Liverpool’s New Third Kit In Focus

Our cartoonist-in-residence Dotmund, a man well known for his strident opinions on football kits – some of which, quite frankly, are not fit for publication – takes a look at it, as well as other “claret” designs that are currently on the market.

7:34 pm

The Friday Cartoon: The Premier League Zoo

This morning’s cartoon is of a satirical bent, as Ed Carter features a zoo which might sound familiar to the supporters of quite a number of clubs at the moment.

10:06 am

The Friday Cartoon: Our Number Nine’s A Bigfoot

So, what happens when your club decides to spend £46m on a new summer signing who is twelve feet tall and has no prior concept of what a football is?

10:00 am

The Friday Cartoon: Bert’s Brogues

Bert Harris is a model professional player who finds that… well, you’ll find out if you click the link, won’t you?

10:28 am
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