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The 200% World Cup: Italy vs Costa Rica – Live!

Group D’s second round of matches draws to a close with this encounter, between the two leaders. Before last night, you might have suggested that Italy – who saw off a talented England side in their first game – would very much have the edge against Costa Rica – who rallied to beat a very…

4:30 pm

The 200% World Cup: Artist’s Impression, number 7

As the noted philosopher Chris Martin from Coldplay says, “everything’s not lost”. Only England could be so down and out yet do it in such a way that there is still a sliver of hope. After all, it’s the hope that kills you and as another noted philosopher stated last night, supporting England isn’t supposed to…

2:31 pm

The 200% World Cup: Japan vs Greece – Live!

After Colombia’s narrow 2-1 win in the battle of the Group C winners earlier this evening, tonight’s late match sees the two first round losers squaring up. Japan are a young, stylish team, backed by some to be the next breakthrough side at the top of the international game. Their loss in the first round…

10:30 pm

The 200% World Cup: Artist’s Impression, number 6

As the noted football pundit Sir Elton John so sagely pointed out, it’s the circle of life. It’s the wheel of fortune. He was probably drawing on the philosophy of Boethius, whom I believe was a classmate of Sir Tim Rice’s at Lancing College. It’s my belief that history is a wheel. “Inconstancy is my…

11:51 am

The 200% World Cup: Spain vs Chile – Live!

And now, the end is near, and so I (they) face the final curtain (perhaps). It’s crunch time for Spain. Having already successfully proved that they’re not quite a match for a Netherlands side who Australia just gave a hell of a game, they face Chile knowing that a defeat will see the reigning champions…

7:30 pm

The 200% World Cup: Artist’s Impression number 5

Goalkeepers win, and lose, football matches. There’s no other position quite like it and one of the key reasons that goalkeepers are a different breed from the rest of us. Taller, if nothing else. And with big hands. Big meaty hands. Hairy old meat. This old truism was proven once again last night. Mexico’s multiple-fingered…

11:53 am

The 200% World Cup: Belgium vs Algeria – Live!

Football hipsters will be refilling their tankards with a favourite craft ale, neatly combing their beard and nervously smoothing down their lucky Keegan-era Hamburger SV shirt this afternoon, as the most extravagantly hyped dark horse team in World Cup history step into the fray. Belgium are the latest in a long line of international teams to be able…

4:30 pm
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