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The 200% World Cup: Brazil 2014 By Numbers

Our resident obsessive-compulsive Dotmund has been busy drawing other things biting other things, and so has let World Cup artwork slide. Which is a relief to everyone. However, his real love in life is lists and attempting to ascribe numerical order to chaos. This is because he’s an idiot, or has too much time on…

6:39 pm

The 200% World Cup: Brazil vs Colombia – LIVE!

Soccer! It’s back again and the hosts are in action. This is no doubt terribly exciting for the loyal support but not necessarily so for us, because Brazil have stunk the place out so far, or at least been terribly disappointing. Their test today is a stern one, against everyone’s favourite South American team from…

8:34 pm

The 200% World Cup: Artist’s Impression, number 8

Luis Suarez, eh? He’s big news. As surely as a team coached by Fabio Capello plunge headlong into igniminious early elimination at each and every World Cup, Luis Suarez will find a way to make his presence felt. Usually by biting your shoulder. Although I believe that Branislav Ivanovic got off with the old ear nibble….

10:27 am

The 200% World Cup: The Group H Final Round – Live!

And so, this is it. The final pair of group matches at Brazil 2014. Belgium head the group and are already in the second round. They need a point to guarantee that they will finish top but in reality, they are likely to whatever happens, bar some very strange results. Their opponents, South Korea, have…

8:57 pm

The 200% World Cup: The Group G Final Round – Live!

The penultimate World Cup 2014 group finale is upon us, and it promises to be the most fascinating yet with all four teams in the mix, all four teams playing good football and all the group’s matches so far having been memorable in some way. In Recife, the United States (2nd) play group leaders Germany….

4:30 pm

The 200% World Cup: The Group F Final Round – Live!

Open wide for some more soccer, as Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Iran and Nigeria go into battle for one last time. The two group leaders, Argentina and Nigeria, meet in Porto Alegre with Argentina needing just a point to guarantee that they will finish top. While a  draw would also be a good result for the…

4:30 pm

The 200% World Cup: The Group D Final Round – Live!

As with both of yesterday’s group finales, this afternoon’s pair of matches feature three teams battling over the two qualification spots and one useless team who are already out. In Group D, the useless team are of course England, a source of great pride for everyone back at home. However, the World Cup is always…

4:30 pm
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