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The Friday Cartoon: A Very Modern Kit Launch

There was a time when football clubs would either play in the same design of football shirt for years on end. This, however, wasn’t making anybody any money so in recent years football kits have increasingly started to resemble showbusiness events.

10:18 am

The Friday Cartoon: How Diego Maradona Really Beat England In 1986

With the assistance of Hartley Hare from Pipkins, and with a little assistance from the fact that by 1986 Peter Shilton had the jumping capabilities of a sack of King Edwards, says our cartoonist.

10:38 am

The Friday Cartoon: Football Club Badges Reimagined

In the week when Everton supporters have been up in arms about their club badge being changed without consultation, our resident cartoonist Dotmund has been plundering around in the bins at the graphic design agency to see what else could be in the offing.

10:26 am

The Friday Cartoon: Powered By The Hot Air Of Harry Redknapp

The Premier League is chock full of little known traditions that it maintains to this day. I’m not certain that this is actually one of them.

10:15 am

The Friday Cartoon: The Return Of The Incredible Lovejoy

BT Sport are bringing back Tim Lovejoy back to the screens of the football supporter from the start of next season. “Phew!”, sighs a relieved nation.

10:02 am

The Friday Cartoon: Luis Suarez’s Long Summer

Poor Luis Suarez has got a longer summer than most this year. Fortunately, though, football renaissance man Joey Barton is on hand with some excellent advice.

10:46 am

Mungo: S05E03

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