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When Football Was Good, part 7 – David Speedie

DAVID SPEEDIE Born 20th February 1960, Glenrothes. Clubs: Barnsley (1978-1980); Darlington (1980-1982); Chelsea (1982-1987); Coventry City (1987-1991); Liverpool (1991); Blackburn Rovers (1991-1992); Southampton (1992-1993); Birmingham City (1992, loan); West Bromwich Albion (1992, loan); West Ham United (1993, loan); Leicester City (1993-1994).  514 career league appearances, 148 goals. Domestic honours: 1986 Full Member’s Cup; 1987 Charity…

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When Football Was Good, Part 6 – Emlyn Hughes

Even his nickname was of the decade that came to encapsulate the best of his career. For some, the name Crazy Horse might summon forth mental images of Neil Young’s screaming, screeching backing band. For others, it might be the peculiar sight of Mormon syrup specialists The Osmonds proving that they could rock out as…

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When Football Was Good, part 5

BRIAN KILCLINE Defender. Born 7th May 1962, Nottingham. Clubs: Notts County (1980-1984); Coventry City (1984-1991); Oldham Athletic (1991-1992); Newcastle United (1992-1994); Swindon Town (1994-1995); Mansfield Town (1995-1997); Halifax Town (1997-1998). League appearances: 440. League goals: 42. Domestic honours: FA Cup 1987. International honours: 2 U21 England caps (1982) Brian “Killer” Kilcline was everything you’d want…

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When Football Was Good, Part 4

MIKE HOOPER Goalkeeper. Born 10th February 1964, Bristol. Clubs: Bristol City (1983-1984); Wrexham (1984-1985); Liverpool (1985-1993); Leicester City (1990 (loan)); Newcastle United (1993-1996); Sunderland (1995 (loan)). League appearances: 125. If Liverpool’s famous Boot Room was the power behind the throne of the most recent great Liverpool team, Mike Hooper was arguably the power behind the…

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When Football Was Good: Part 3

TONY DALEY Winger. Born 18th October 1967, Birmingham. Clubs: Aston Villa (1985-1994); Wolverhampton Wanderers (1994-1998); Watford (1998-1999); Walsall (1999); Forest Green Rovers (1999-2002). League appearances: 340. League goals: 41. Domestic honours: 1994 League Cup. International honours: 7 England caps (1991-1992). Tony Daley was little, had mad hair and was fast. Fast in a way that…

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When Football Was Good, Part 2

MAURICE MALPAS Full back. Born 3rd August 1962, Dunfermline. Clubs: Dundee United (1979-2000). League appearances: 617. League goals: 20. Domestic honours: Scottish League Championship 1982/83; Scottish Cup 1994. European honours: UEFA Cup finalist 1987. International honours: 55 Scotland caps (1984-1992). Maurice Malpas played for Dundee United and no-one else. Even his underwear is tangerine and…

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When Football Was Good, Part 1

In the first of a groundbreaking new series of pictures, our resident idiot Dotmund explores a time when football was better than it is now. This week: Pat Nevin. PAT NEVIN Winger. Born 6th September 1963, Glasgow. Clubs: Clyde (1981-1983); Chelsea (1983-1988); Everton (1988-1992); Tranmere Rovers (1992-1997); Kilmarnock (1997-1998); Motherwell (1998-2000). League appearances: 660. League goals:…

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