If you spent the weekend sitting at home and cursing because your match has been called off this afternoon, it may help to look back upon the 1962/63 season, when the worst winter in over two hundred years brought football to a standstill and almost led to the relegation of Manchester United.

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The Ball

“Shit Shot Mungo” goes on a two week holiday tonight while the artist drinks himself to a dose of port and stilton induced gout, although I have been advised that there will be some sort of mungoings-on over the Christmas break. Get it while it’s hot!

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Art Mungo The Ball

Hats off to the 2018 World Cup committee! They trimmed the list down from sixteen to twelve cities as potential venues to host matches for the 2018 World Cup should England, and they left Milton Keynes in. Presumably they didn’t want our support.

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The Ball