About the AuthorIan began writing Twohundredpercent in May 2006. He lives in Brighton. He has also written for, amongst others, Pitch Invasion, FC Business Magazine, The Score, When Saturday Comes, Stand Against Modern Football and The Football Supporter. Ian was the first winner of the Socrates Award For Not Being Dead Yet at the 2010 NOPA awards for football bloggers.

The Poverty Traps

Last weekend, an all-party report into poverty in Britain produced in conjunction with the Church of England has further embarrassed a government under whose watch sanction after cut has only seen the gap between those who have and those who do not have accelerate at breathtaking levels. It’s not the place of this little corner…

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The Twohundredpercent Podcast 8: The New Ten Commandments

Good evening everybody, and welcome to the penultimate Twohundredpercent podcast before we break up for the Christmas holidays. In keeping the spiritual feeling that envelops this time of year, we thought that this week we’d prove beynd reasonable doubt that we are bigger than God by coming up with a new ten commandments for the…

10:16 pm

The Twohundredpercent Podcast 6: Grand Theft Auto

Another Friday, another podcast, and this week we have been joined by our very good friend Betsy Martin for a robust discussion on the subject of possibly the most successful video game franchise, Grand Theft Auto. Do video games encourage violence? What’s the deal with Rockstar’s obsession with Rockstar’s apparent preoccupation with objectifying women and…

10:05 pm

Ched Evans & A Hole Too Big To Be Dug Out From

For Sheffield United Football Club, the timing couldn’t have been much worse. This weekend is a weekend of international football and, since nature abhors a vacuum, there have been plenty of column inches to fill in the sports sections of newspaper wesbites which which might not otherwise have been looking for a story. Yet it…

4:56 pm

The Twohundredpercent Podcast 5: One Hit Wonders

Good evening everybody, and welcome to the fifth – or fourth, we have a lost track already; we chucked last week’s out because we didn’t think it was any good – Twohundredpercent podcast, in which Edward Carter and I discuss that most peculiar of musical genres, the one hit wonder. Looking it all up on…

11:21 pm

The Twohundredpercent Podcast 4: Air Crash Investigation

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A Little Love For The FA Cup

We live in an age during which, if I may be permitted to mangle the words of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus for a moment, change is the only constant. Professional football is changing, both on the pitch and away from it, and no-one knows for certain where, exactly, this will all end up. Yet, for…

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