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In Praise Of… Floodlit Football 11

In Praise Of… Floodlit Football

As the nights start to draw in, the floodlights will start to be switched on more frequently and, much as we love our three o’clock kick-offs, there is something about playing under the lights which heightens the senses. It wasn’t ever thus, though, and the most entrenched opposition to their use in England came from the Football Association.

Match Of The Midweek: Fiorentina 2-0 Liverpool 0

Match Of The Midweek: Fiorentina 2-0 Liverpool

Liverpool’s progress in the Champions League hit an unexpected stumbling block in Florence this evening, where Fiorentina carved them apart and walked away with a comfortable three points. Was this just a bad night at the office, or might they be saying hello to the Europa League later on this season?

Hyde United Approach The Gallows 5

Hyde United Approach The Gallows

Blue Square North side Hyde United have been wound up in court this week, and the closure of a smaller club is no great surprise. What now, then, for the descendants of the club that once lost 26-0 in the FA Cup?

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Shit Shot Mungo S02E09

Celebrity Ghost Agent Eric Hall is the new Clackas’ manager and his first team selection is a controversial one in this week’s “Shit Shot Mungo”. Lobster lobster, indeed. Can he reverse their fortunes? Probably not.

End Of An Era – The Phasing Out Of Ceefax 8

End Of An Era – The Phasing Out Of Ceefax

The BBC’s news and sport service has been invaluable to football supporters over the years, but it’s thirty-fifth birthday will be one of its last. On its last significant anniversary, it’s time to say goodbye and thanks to Ceefax.

Chaos At Halesowen 6

Chaos At Halesowen

With a fans’ boycott and the fraud squad hanging around, this season couldn’t have started more chaotically for Halesowen Town of the Southern League.

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Shit Shot Mungo S02E08

Another week, another new manager. Scottish crisis club Heart of Clackmannannshire need a steadying influence, and that man is Celebrity Ghost Agent Eric Hall.