There is nothing more pleasing the respect of one’s peers, is there? Well, there might be, actually – the respect of peers that we aspire to match. Some of you will already be aware that Twohundredpercent has won a Gold Award at the When Saturday Comes end of year awards. From a personal perspective, it’s probably worth me saying that, as a reader of WSC since 1988 and a subscriber since 1992, this is about the highest praise that could be passed upon us. Many thanks to whoever it was that nominated us, and to the overall judge, Ian Plenderleith, for his kind comments.

In the grand tradition of overwrought Oscars speeches, I would (because I don’t do this nearly as often as I should do) like to take this moment to thank a couple of others too – Mark Murphy, Gavin Saxton, Rob Freeman, Paul Grech and the others amongst you that have submitted brilliant and challenging articles for the site over the course of the year, Ted “The Neck” Carter, whose dedication to the cause of drawing “Shit Shot Mungo” every week fills me with a sense of something between awe and bafflement, Dave Boyle and Kevin Rye from Supporters Direct, for their infinite patience over the many baffling questions that I have sought their opinions on over the last couple of years ago.

Finally, the most thanks of all go to the infinitely patient and lovely Kate, without whom none of this would be possible,  and to everybody that reads this site – without whom this would be a pretty fruitless exercise. The fact that people take the trouble to stop by here is a constant source of delight to me. More than anyone else, though, my sincere thanks go to Steve Vaughan, Peter Trembling, Garry Cook and all the rest of you that give me so damn much to write about. Couldn’t have kept it going without you guys.

Normal service will resume this evening, although, obviously, I will be wearing a crown and an ermine.