Day: July 9, 2014

The 200% World Cup: Netherlands vs Argentina, Live!

Good evening, sports fans! I guess the first quiestion that I have to ask is this: have you recovered from last night? I certainly haven’t, and will return to the subject once last time in order to briefly mention that we will most likely remember where we were yesterday evening for the rest of our lives. The past, however, is the past and this evening is all about the immediate future again as the Netherlands play Argentina in the second of the semi-final matches at this summer’s World Cup finals. Having brilliantly predicted that last night’s match would be...

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The 200% World Cup: Brazil’s Chastening Evening

It was a defeat that many had seen coming. Lacklustre in the group stages and a little fortunate in each of their two previous knockout matches, this had not been the Brazil team that the country had promised itself for this tournament. The nature of Brazil’s capitulation at the hands of Germany last night, however, was a jolt to the system for everybody who witnessed it. Unbeaten at home in competitive football since 1975, Brazil were humbled in front of their own crowd by a team that handed down a salutary lesson in how to play the game. This...

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