Day: June 10, 2014

The 200% World Cup: Who Should Be In The World Cup?

Keen-eyed readers of this site and observers of the world in general will probably have noticed that there’s about to be a football World Cup to be held. It’s certainly something which has piqued my interest. I’ve just wallpapered my house with St. George’s flags and had my daughter renamed Rooney Lineker Platt McManaman by Deed Poll. However, aside from England who are, as everyone on earth can attest, the Greatest Team The World Has Ever Seen, I have observed that some of the wrong teams are in this World Cup tournament. One can only imagine they had some sort of calamity at the...

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The 200% World Cup: The 20 Greatest World Cup Kits Of All Time

In around forty-eight hours or so, the 2014 World Cup Finals will begin in Brazil, and some sets of eyes will be focused, initially at least, upon the sartorial efforts made by the thirty-two competitors, a diversion that will be considerably less enjoyable for FIFA’s tinkering with the rules to ensure that teams only wear predominantly two colours this summer. The 78 year old Sepp Blatter is, apparently, a fashion guru. Since 1930, however, teams have been dressing up for the occasion so here’s a run down of the twenty best, in strictly chronological order. Bolivia (vs. Yugoslavia) 1930...

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