Day: June 9, 2014

The 200% World Cup: Meet The Team, Part Two

Earlier this evening on 200%, we introduced the first part of the team that will be covering this summer’s World Cup finals in Brazil. Now, it’s time for the second instalment of this, featuring a further three of those who have kindly made themselves available for the tournament for us. Mark Murphy Who do you think will win the tournament? Argentina. Messi to add goals to his good displays in 2010. Ronaldo to break a neatly manicured finger nail or lose his hair gel and go home crying before the quarter-finals. Who do you want to win the tournament?...

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The 200% World Cup: Meet The Team, Part One

This summer marks the third World Cup Finals that we have covered here on 200%, and we’ve decided to mark the occasion by doing something a little different this time around. Four years ago we marked the occasion by producing match reports for every single match played within literally days of them having been played, but the questions hanging before us as we started to prepare for this tournament were pretty straightforward: who, exactly, reads match reports these days and why would they bother reading them at a place like this – where we play fast and loose with...

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