Month: June 2014

The 200% World Cup: Germany vs Algeria, Live!

Hello sports fans, and welcome to the fourth Second Round match of this year’s World Cup finals. Can you believe that it’s almost a quarter of a century since Germany last won the World Cup? No, me neither. Still, here we are, and they’ve been impressive so far, thumping against Portugal and workmanlike against Ghana and the USA. This is a first time past the group stages for Algeria, meanwhile, and a little extra spice has been added to this match by recollections of The Shame Of Gijon, the 1982 match between West Germany and Austria that edged Algeria...

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The Players Of Hereford United & How We Treated Them

Financial trouble at a lower league football club doesn’t just affect the supporters. Here’s John Perkins on what happened next to last season’s Hereford United team. In the lower leagues and non-league football, the clubs are small enough that it’s possible for the fans and the team to become close over the course of the season even though it’s recognised that most of the players will only be around on a temporary basis. It’s easy for a successful squad to be adopted by the fan base so that in future years they’re viewed with real fondness. The Conference team of 2003/04 that came second to Chester is a good example of that. Sometimes, though, a bond forms between fans and players because they’ve weathered adversity together which describes the 2013/14 season pretty well as Hereford United was submerged in a continual financial crisis. The extent of the trouble became evident as the season closed and we knew that the players were not being paid on time. However, despite being treated very poorly they took inspiration from Peter Beadle and ensured Conference survival on the last game of the season. Their efforts during the last few games of the season transformed the team from itinerant players to part of the Hereford community. This is the Hereford first team squad from the 2013/14 season. These are the people that gave their...

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The 200% World Cup – France vs Nigeria, Live

Good afternoon, sports obsessives. Today sees the continuation of the second round of the 2014 World Cup, with France, who were perhaps the most impressive team of the group stages of the competition, taking on Nigeria for a place in the quarter finals of the competition. You can catch up with what is going on both in Brazil and my living room from just before five. You can follow 200% on Twitter by clicking  ...

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