Day: March 20, 2013

Could It Be Time For A Managerial Transfer Window?

In recent weeks, the managerial merry-go-round has starting spinning so quickly that it has become a blur. Blackburn Rovers will soon be onto – including caretakers – their sixth manager of the season and they are merely the worst of a bad bunch. Out of the ninety-two clubs in the Premier League and Football League, fifty-two have changed their manager at least once since the end of last season, and even though the resources available to managers to actually turn around the fortunes of their clubs are limited to the emergency loan window (which itself closes in eight days) and the strength of their own personalities there remains a chance that more will follow. It has, all things considered, given the whole of this season a somewhat hysterical soundtrack. There may be several different reasons why this trigger-happy panic is occurring at this particular time. Everybody knows what’s coming this summer. A vast injection of money into the Premier League is due with its new television deals, and this will have ramifications for the whole of the English game which, it rather feels, have not been taken fully on board by that many people just yet. The gap between the richest and the rest is set to become an even greater chasm than it has been for the last two decades and, just Premier League television money is increasing...

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Campaigning For Better Transport For Football Supporters

The Campaign for Better Transport and the Football Supporters Association are running a project on football transport, and they could do with your assistance. Here’s Andrew Allen on how Premier League clubs largely fall short on assisting with getting people to and from matches. Going to a match (as opposed to being at one) can be a brilliant experience. It’s full of the positive bits of football tribalism, anticipation, belonging, shared hope and gallows-humour fatalism. It’s a microcosm of what attracts us to football and it’s better than a thousand Cruyff turns. But practically speaking, getting to the game is also becoming a pain in the neck. It costs a fortune, it takes forever, and fans are treated in ways you wouldn’t put up with in any other part of your life. There is, of course, no reason for it to be like this. Clubs want full grounds and happy fans. Local authorities want to avoid a weekly congestion nightmare. Transport operators would quite like us to use their trains and buses (so long as we behave ourselves). This is why Campaign for Better Transport are working with the Football Supporters Federation on a joint project to try and get things sorted out. An central part of this is to hear for you – the fans themselves. There is a five minute on-line survey on the CBT website. Here...

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