Month: February 2013

SLAPPS For Pompey Bloggers

Those amongst us that occasionally doubt the power the most vocal of football bloggers seldom pause to consider the lengths that some people go to in order to prevent them having their say. This is a story that will ring bells...

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That Was The Weekend That Was: A Good Weekend To Be Welsh

If we disregard the rebranding of Cardiff City for a moment, 2013 is turning out to be rather a good year for the Welsh clubs which continue to play within the English league system. At Wembley Stadium yesterday afternoon, in a match almost completely devoid of the cynicism that has come to be a hallmark of twenty-first century professional football, Swansea City brushed Bradford City aside to win the Football League Cup to lift their first major trophy within the English league system after one hundred and one years of endeavour with a performance of almost complete polish which underlined exactly why the Swansea City manager Michael Laudrup has been receiving such praise this season.

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