Day: February 25, 2013

Rangers: The Continuing Adventures Of Charles Green

The ability of Rangers CEO Charles Green to get up people’s noses has, depending on your opinion of him, with reached new heights or plumbed new depths of late. Indeed, if it wasn’t for the need to be hyper-sensitive when writing about Rangers – now that they are no longer “soft touches” for their critics (perceived or real) – you could say that Green is now starting to get up people’s bluenoses. One blocked nasal passage, chairman Malcolm Murray, was reportedly asked to leave by the “Rangers International Football Club” board, after recent reports that he and Green had fallen out. The only surprise to keen Rangers-watchers is that this fall-out took so long. There was an inevitable clash of public personalities… as Green has one, while for all Murray’s faults, he was/is a genuine Rangers fan and has been the dictionary definition of low-key chairman. Mostly. Reports of “concerns raised by two supporters” about Murray’s “personal conduct”  read oddly – they must be two very influential supporters indeed if their concerns led to the chairman being asked to leave. Rumours abounded that Murray had some ill-timed sniffs of the barman’s apron, while in London promoting Rangers’ recent share issue, before publicly expressing some… erm… ’forthright’ views about Green. And with Murray reportedly refusing to go, a share-price-tumbling ‘civil war’ loomed; hence some of the “institutional investors” who formed the successful part...

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That Was The Weekend That Was: A Good Weekend To Be Welsh

If we disregard the rebranding of Cardiff City for a moment, 2013 is turning out to be rather a good year for the Welsh clubs which continue to play within the English league system. At Wembley Stadium yesterday afternoon, in a match almost completely devoid of the cynicism that has come to be a hallmark of twenty-first century professional football, Swansea City brushed Bradford City aside to win the Football League Cup to lift their first major trophy within the English league system after one hundred and one years of endeavour with a performance of almost complete polish which underlined exactly why the Swansea City manager Michael Laudrup has been receiving such praise this season.

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