Day: February 1, 2013

Deadline Day Panic: Peter Odemwingie’s Unplanned Trip To London

It was, all things considered, a relatively sane transfer deadline day. None of the biggest clubs got particularly involved, and no-one spent £70m on a life-sized perspex replica of Bobby Charlton in the hope amongst hopes that scientists might have perfected human cloning while no-one was looking. Professional football, however, would not be professional football with something of an ill-advised nature happening on a day like this and, whilst the goings on at Queens Park Rangers and Nottingham Forest were mildly diverting, there was only really one story worth paying attention to if you wanted to keep up with the inside track on the madder side of transfer negotiations: Peter Odemwingie’s one man bid to get get himself signed by Queens Park Rangers, come hell or high water. Odemwingie has been acting erratically for a little while, now. The West Bromwich Albion striker – probably now ex-West Bromwich Albion striker – has been agitating for a move away from The Hawthorns for some weeks, but rather than following the established protocol of getting some carefully placed stories into the national press, pouting in public a little and leaving the negotiations to those who know what they are doing, Odemwingie went public, with a series of pronouncements via his Twitter account – including one which suggested that even his advisor had told him to shut the hell up, but that...

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Pompey: The £800,000 Question

The perils of administration. A cautionary tale. Since October 2012 the Pompey Trust’s bid business partners have committed £800,000 of their own money to the club. If the Trust bid succeeds they will convert this sum to equity in the club. If the Trust bid fails they lose the lot, some individuals to the tune of six figures.  As an article of faith in the Trust bid that is quite something. The bid partners, collectively referred to as the High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), and some of the members of the Trust presidents’ club, have been keeping PFC running since October  by making up the shortfall in the club’s running costs. If the bid fails to get control of the club they stand to lose the lot. They will get nothing back in liquidation and nothing if someone else takes control of the club. The question that many erudite Pompey fans have been asking is; ‘Why have they had to do it?’ Indeed, why has the club been running at a loss month to month whilst in administration? The HNWI began subbing the running costs at the end of October 2012, when the Trust became the preferred bidder of the club, after the previous preferred bidders Portpin failed to satisfy the Football League’s questions and were deemed ‘unlikely’ to pass the Owners and Directors’ Test. Since then the HNWI...

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Deadline Day Panic: A Short-Sighted Transfer Policy At Nottingham Forest

Transfer deadline day probably wasn’t supposed to work out like this for the Nottingham Forest manager Alex McLeish. His appointment into the position at The City Ground hadn’t been met with universal acclaim, and it had been suggested for a couple of weeks that there had been tensions between the manager and the club’s owners following the dismissal of chief executive Mark Arthur and Keith Burt, the club’s head of recruitment, and suggestions that he was being railroaded into signing specific players. Whatever tensions there were seem to have come to a head following the farcical-sounding attempt to bring the Peterborough United midfielder George Boyd to The City Ground which ended in strong rumours that McLeish had resigned his position at the end of last month. McLeish has won just one of his six matches in charge of the club so far, not the sort of form that seems likely to get Nottingham Forest into the Premier League, which is quite clearly where the Al-Hasawi family, who bought the club last summer, see as their ultimate aim for the club. Boyd is clearly a talented player and has played almost three hundred and seventy games for Stevenage and Peterborough United and even spent six games on loan at The City Ground during the latter part of the 2009/10 season, but at the end of his medical yesterday Forest called...

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