Day: January 13, 2013

Non-League Videos Of The Week: 13-01-2013

This week saw the Third Round of the FA Trophy, and we have three matches from this weekend’s matches, as well as one each from the Northern Premier, Southern and Northern Leagues. First up are three matches from the FA Trophy which feature clubs from the Blue Square Bet Premier, the matches between Gainsborough Trinity and Tamworth, between Dartford and Bromley, and between Welling United and Grimsby Town. We then have a match from the Premier Division of the Northern Premier League between Matlock Town and Grantham Town, then a match from the Premier Division of the Southern League between St Albans City and Hitchin Town, and finally we have a match from Division One of the Northern League between and Whitley Bay and Hebburn Town. You can follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter by clicking...

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Rangers: Jim Traynor Remembers “Sporting Integrity”

Many years ago, a Rangers-supporting friend, who also followed Kingstonian, said to me: “They do things differently in Glasgow.” At the time, this reminded me of an exchange which had just been reported in the diary section of When Saturday Comes magazine. Dutch superstar Ruud Gullit had expressed indignant surprise as the very physical nature of the English club game to which he had just signed up, having been upended by a typical Vinny Jones tackle, i.e. a foul (if memory serves, Gullit’s head flew back on impact very like a typical Didier Drogba dive, only Gullit genuinely was ‘taken aback’ by the impact). “We do things differently over here,” an unrepentant Jones was quoted as saying in response to Gullit’s reaction to the tackle from behind. “But that, surely, was Gullit’s point,” noted WSC, taking the future ex-Chelsea manager’s side. They still do things differently in Glasgow, which doesn’t make those ‘things’ any more acceptable than a Jones tackle from behind. For instance, as regular readers of this site may know, any criticism of the Rangers is automatically labelled by many Rangers fans as the result of a twisted, bigoted, occasionally Fenian Rangers-hating agenda. Bloggers who simply regard Rangers recent financial history as one of financial mismanagement and wouldn’t even know what a Fenian was, let alone follow one’s “hate-filled” agenda, have been ludicrously and laughably lumped into...

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