Day: November 23, 2012

Another Bad Day For Football Managers In West London

If the sacking of Roberto Di Matteo by Chelsea was surprising yet unsurprising, there can be no doubt over the lack of shock regarding the decision of Queens Park Rangers to sever their ties with Mark Hughes after eleven months in the job this morning. The club lays adrift at the foot of the Premier League table without a win so far, and with a new television deal kicking in next summer that will substantially increase the wealth of those twenty clubs that are fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of it, this season above all others is the one that clubs cannot, both literally and figuratively, afford to be plummeting down through the trapdoor. Queens Park Rangers hung onto their Premier League status by their fingernails at the end of last season, but there has been little indication so far this season that they will be as lucky again this time around. With justĀ four points from their opening twelve matches (and not a single win on the table), the dotted line which separates the survivors from the failures is already starting to recede into the distance. Despite this, however, the clubs cause is not yet completely lost and it probably this that defined the decision of owner Tony Fernandes to bring in a new face at the club now. Hughes replacement will have a month or...

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Footballs Problem Or Something Wider? The Problem With The Blame Game After Rome

There may not be appropriate words to sum up the absolute revulsion that wells up when considering the events of the early hours of Thursday morning in Rome. Two supporters of Tottenham Hotspur were stabbed in a bar in the city in what looks distinctly like a pre-meditated attack which, as if such behaviour isn’t low enough already, was also accompanied with an unhealthy dollop of antisemitism. Over the last twenty-four hours or so, there have been conflicting reports regarding whose “fault” – if collective fault can be assigned to the decision of someone to push a blade into somebody else for any reason whatsoever – it all was, but the arrest this evening of two Roma ultras would seem to indicate that this may have been more orchestrated than merely some Lazio supporters offering a dispiritingly familiar Roman welcome to the supporters of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Considering what happened last night, though, one might have hoped for a little more sensitivity from the supporters of that particular club once the teams took to the pitch at the Olympic Stadium for the Europa League match between Lazio and Tottenham Hotspur last night, but sections of the Olympic curva didn’t even seem capable of that. Antisemitic chanting was clearly audible during the early stages of the match. It hardly seems unreasonable to enquire as per why perhaps, just perhaps,...

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Bankrupt: Northwich’s Jim Rushe Fails The Fit & Proper Persons Test

Last weekend on BBC Radio Five Lives Non-League Show, the owner of what is left of Northwich Victoria Football Club, Jim Rushe, made a guest appearance full of claims that he was “more determined than ever” to return his club back to the town and making typically disrespectful comments regarding the Northwich Victoria Supporters Trusts decision to break away from his discredited organisation and start their own club from the start of next season. There was, however, one small event in his life which somehow managed to slip his mind over the course of his interview. On the fifteenth of November at Wigan County Court, on the same day that supporters of the club were voting to form their own club from the start of next season, Jim Rushe was declared bankrupt. The petition was not one that he raised himself. Rushes bankruptcy petition came from the Burton-based Else Solicitors, who had acted as the clubs legal advisers until earlier this year. The firm had been acting for the club as recently as January of this year, when they issued a public statement for the club with regard to its eviction from The Victoria Stadium, and the unanswered question regarding this is that of, if this bankruptcy order is a result of their involvement with the club, why was it made against Rushe personally? If the debts for legal...

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