Day: November 19, 2012

Six Ways To Make Football Manager More Realistic. Probably.

Like the passing of the seasons, there are some dates in the football calendar which have come to be sacrosanct. The first Saturday in January? Must be the Third Round Proper of the FA Cup. The last day of August? You may wish to seal yourself into a concrete bunker for the day, because it’s the last day of the summer transfer window. So it is nowadays as autumn starts to turn to winter, with the release of big-selling video games such as Football Manager. Now, I have small confession to make at this point. I haven’t played Football Manager for the best part of a decade. Indeed, much as you can date trees by the number of rings in a cross section of it, you can date football supporters of a certain persuasion by whether they call this venerable title by its current name or its older name of Championship Manager. It will come as no great surprise to regular readers of this site that I fall into the latter of these two categories. Despite having not played this game for some years, though, it is enough of a phenomenon for even the likes of me to be fully aware of its existence and the personality cult which surrounds it, and if there is one thing that we all know about Championship, sorry, Football Manager, it is that...

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The Continuing Stagnation Of Leeds United

This being Leeds United, of course, it was always never particularly likely that the takeover of the club by the Bahrain-based Gulf Finance House (GFH) group was going to be completely straightforward. As the winter evenings continue draw in, this groups purchase of the club remains seemingly perpetually on the point of being completed, while on the pitch the teams performances and results provide weekly reminders to the supporters of precisely why it is so important that somebody comes into the club and actually invests some money into its playing staff. The last two weeks have been a case in point in this respect, with tepid single goal defeats at the hands of Burnley and Millwall intersected by a bizarre home thrashing at the hands of Watford in a match that saw Neil Warnocks team finish the match with just nine players on the pitch after a red card and broken leg to midfielder Rodolph Austin. A season that had started with a degree of cautious promise is threatening to unravel before everybodys eyes. The GFH take-over of the club has been perhaps the main talking point around Elland Road so far this season without it having yet been completed, in spite of the fact that it is now more than six months since the story first hit the headlines, and there was bad news last week for anybody...

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