Day: October 6, 2012

The End Is Nigh For Kettering Town

At Nene Park this afternoon, the fat lady cleared her throat. After all of the drama of the last fifteen months, it will be this afternoons Southern League Premier Division match against Bashley that will be remembered as the match at which the bells began to toll for Kettering Town Football Club. After one hundred and forty years, only a miracle can save them now. We spoke last week of the absurd scenario that played out when several of the clubs players sought to get their wages from the clubs owners, only to find that they didn’t seem particularly interested in meeting them to pay them what they were due or even discuss the non-payment. An exodus of players was to be expected, but more optimistic supporters might have at least predicted that they would be able to field a team of some description for their forthcoming matches. This afternoon, they couldn’t even manage that. The team sheet listed only eleven players including two goalkeepers, but after one of those goalkeepers decided that he could probably think of a better way to pass his Saturday afternoon than by getting humiliated on a football pitch in front of several hundred spectators, they were forced to start their match against Bashley with just ten players. This might, under any other circumstances, have been a match that Kettering Town might have expected...

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A Change Of Name May Be The Least Important Aspect Of Leyton Orients Future.

As the feelgood factor engendered by the actual games themselves starts to recede to being just a memory, the question of the future of the Olympic Stadium in Stratford is starting to rear its ugly head again. Its acquisition by West Ham United seems to be, for better or for worse, a done deal with the next stage in that process now being the thorny issue of how the conversion of the stadium from an athletics stadium will be funded, with yet another row now brewing with the owner of Leyton Orient, Barry Hearn. Hearn has claimed, through Orients official website, that handing the Olympic Stadium to West Ham alone would amount to subsidising the club’s £90 million debt. West Ham have countered by stating that, “West Ham United have strict obligations of confidentiality under agreements, relating to the Olympic Stadium concessionaire tender process, which we continue to respect” and that “we are frustrated that we cannot counter some of the recent inaccuracies reported about our bid in the media.” Hearns viewpoints on the Olympic Stadium over the last three or four years or so have shifted and changed with the seasons. After initially stating disinterest in it, he then loudly protested at the bidding war between West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur because of the potential damage that could be done to his club from having a Premier League...

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