Day: September 19, 2012

White Knight Syndrome Conflicts Pompey

What have the following all got in common? Suliaman Al Fahim, Laurence Bassini, Balram Chainrai and Levi Kushnir? Apart from the fact they all seem intent on bringing joy to the hearts of the Fratton Faithful by throwing money at Portsmouth Football Club? For it seems there has been a virulent outbreak of ‘white knight syndrome’ among aspiring football-club owners down Pompey way. If the 100 controversial owners series currently running on this site doesn’t contain five Pompey owners at the top of the list already – what’s the betting that by the time Ian gets to it, that top five will have all had a go at buying the club? Serial fantasists, insolvent property developers, invisible men, Mafia targets, fraudsters, de-frocked lawyers and human rights abusers have all had a finger in Pompey history since August 2009, along with a wide range of inept businessmen. Pause to fight the wave of despair induced by the constant underestimating of football fans that such characters seem to indulge in. Ten days ago Ian King outlined the new bids for the club. Today, the unlikely advent of either Fahim (no proof of funds, not deemed Fit and Proper) or Laurence Bassini (ditto – reported to have put in a bid, described as ‘not a game-changer’ by the administrator, on Tuesday) taking over the club raises a number of suspicions. It needs...

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The End Of An Era At AFC Wimbledon

Last night at Kingsmeadow, Wimbledon were beaten by a single deflected goal by Torquay United. It was, by all accounts, a scrappy game, with the home team looking almost chronic in their lack of self confidence, but it was also a match that marked the end of an era. At the full time whistle, manager Terry Brown made a tearful lap of the pitch. This, it turns out, has been the last match in charge for a manager that came to redefine the fortunes of this club in his five and a half years in charge of it. After an extremely slow start to the 2012/13 season, Wimbledon are in the market for a new manager. At the end of the 2006/07 season, AFC Wimbledon seemed to have reached something of a crossroads. Beaten in the play-offs in the Ryman League Premier Division, the club was giving the impression of having stalled, but the appointment of Brown – a non-league journeyman who had previously enjoyed success at Aldershot Town and Hayes – was a canny one. Here was a manager with huge experience of the game at this level, a man with the contacts and respect amongst his peers to bring a different angle to the very difficult job of getting the club promoted from a twenty-four club division with only two promotion places on offer. It could be...

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