Day: September 14, 2012

100 Owners: Number 84 – Geoffrey Richmond (Bradford City)

It can be astonishing how quickly fortunes, both in business and in football, can be lost. Reputations can be won or lost in what seems like the blink of an eye, with adulation turning to derision on the basis of the slimmest of margins. Bradford City, throughout the decade from the middle of the 1990s on, lived through a full roller coaster of emotions, ascending to the Premier League and then, to general astonishment, not getting relegated straight back to the Football League. That remarkable first season in the Premier League, however, turned out to be the beginning of the start of a downhill slide for both the club and the chairman that had got it there in the first place, and the clubs subsequent fall from its previously lofty perch became somewhat iconoclastic in itself, even earning itself a motto which came straight from the horses mouth itself. Bradford City Football Club was undone by ‘six weeks of madness’, and the architect of both that phrase and the undoing of the clubs success was Geoffrey Richmond. In the middle of the previous decade, Bradford City had become tragically synonymous with the frightening decline of professional football in England. The club became, in 1983, one of a rash of mostly lower division clubs to enter into receivership in the early 1980s and differing insolvency laws and Football League rules...

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Match Of The Past: Huddersfield Town

We continue our series of video highlights of the clubs in the Football League Championship today with Huddersfield Town. Three times champions of England in the 1920s under the managership of Herbert Chapman, we kick off with a curio from a little later in the clubs history and a recording of their player Alex Jacksons preview of the 1930 FA Cup Final against the club that Chapman left Huddersfield to manage, Arsenal. The club went into decline after the war, however, and television appearances became somewhat rare. Our second match sees Huddersfield entertaining Luton Town at a snow-bound Leeds Road in January 1973. We then skip forward to the 1990s for three matches from that decade. First up is arguably he greatest come-back in the entire history of the club, from an away match against Bury from 1991 and a match that saw the club go four goals to nil down before coming back to earn a draw. Next we follow the club to Wembley for a then Second Division – now League One – play-off final against Bristol Rovers in 1995, at the end of their first season at the Galpharm Stadium. Finally from the 1990s, we have a match against Manchester City from 1997. Huddersfield had lost at Maine Road by ten goals to one exactly a decade earlier, but they won this match with a fine...

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