Day: September 12, 2012

Steve Evans Lands In Hot Water Again

Of course, Rotherham United knew what they were getting themselves involved with when they took him on in the first place, but the news earlier this week that manager Steve Evans – subject of the most read post ever to appear on this little website – will now be the subject of a six match stadium ban for his new club over his involvement in some fairly ridiculous scenes earlier this during both during and after a League Two match between Bradford City and his previous club, Crawley Town. A stadium ban is more all-encompassing than a touchline ban. For six matches and with immediate effect, Evans will be banned from attending the ground at which Rotherham United’s first team are playing at any time during a match day, but those taken aback by the ruling should probably be aware that Evans has a lengthy history of such behaviour. In November 2005, Evans was given a £1,000 fine, which was suspended for a year, after admitting to using insulting or abusive words to the match official in a match against Peterborough United the previous month. In February 2006, Evans was escorted from the dug-out by police at half-time during a match between Grimsby Town and Boston United following a complaint of alleged foul and abusive language, which came after an incident during which the Grimsby Town goalkeeper Steve Mildenhall...

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The Truth, At Last, For The 96

It took more than twenty-three years but the truth finally became public about the Hillsborough disaster today, and its capacity to shock remains as undiminished as ever. The families of those who died, who have fought tooth and nail for the full story to be made public, finally realised their wish today with the release of 450,000 new documents relating to the events of the fifteenth of April 1989, and for many individuals who felt that they might have washed their hand of all of this today will be a rightly uncomfortable day. Justice might not necessarily have arrived yet for the ninety-six innocent people that were killed in the act of watching a football match that day, but the truth – the full, unedited, horrible truth – is now out there, and this can never be undone. The headlines – if we leave David Camerons apology out of it all for a moment – make for grim, grim reading. What has been confirmed today beyond any reasonable doubt is that so many stories that some had sought to trash over the last two decades were firmly embedded in the truth of what happened that day, and that there was a systematic cover up of the shortcomings of those that had blundered so badly which extended from the police to the press and even, perhaps, the judiciary. In order...

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