Day: September 10, 2012

Same As The Old Boss: Another Investor Sets Its Eyes On Portsmouth

Considering so many of the events of the last three or four years or so, yesterday was an altogether satisfactory day for Portsmouth Football Club. A win by three goals to nil at Crawley Town lifted the team out of the relegation places at the foot of League One, whilst supporters were able to keep themselves entertained with rumours of another bidder to rescue the club from administration. Yet one of the names connected with this brand new bid is a very familiar one, and it should raise concerns amongst all supporters of the club – as well as those at the Football League and the Football Association – that this club remains a target for overseas speculators who wish to preserve their anonymity yet are still considering putting a large amount of money into English footballs highest-profile financial basket-case. Yet there is something queasily familiar about this bid, and this queasiness comes from the identity of what looks like becoming its public face: Sulaiman Al-Fahim. Al-Fahim has been here before, of course. He purchased the club in July 2009 after having been apparently sidelined by the Abu Dhabi United bid to buy Manchester City. He didn’t hold onto this shares for particularly long. By October of that year he had sold ninety per cent of his share-holding in the club to the mysterious Ali Al-Faraj and his similarly...

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Review: The Chairmans Daughter, By Ian Plenderleith

Football and fiction have not always made for the happiest of bedfellows. Perhaps there is something about the pure drama of every aspect of the game which results in the budding football fiction writer, perhaps, feeling the need to stretch the limits of their imagination beyond the credible. How, we might well ask, can a fiction writer come up with a story that remains plausible whilst paying lip service to both the sheer ridiculousness and complete mundanity of modern football? The answer, perhaps, is to go back to its roots, which is exactly what Ian Plenderleith has done with The Chairmans Daughter, an ebook which follows a former Premier League football forced to move to non-league football and the strange world of a tiny bank-rolled club and its eccentric owner. The player himself, Carl Meacock, is a composite, everyman figure, neither so badly behaved that he has been a regular in the gossip pages of the tabloids or so nondescript as to render this story dull. Briefly a wonder-kid, this is a player that has seen a combination of injury problems and not quite having the desire to get to the absolute top end of his game result in him becoming one of this universes nearly men. When he leaves the hubbub and froth of the professional game for the relative peace and quiet of Lincoln, he might well...

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Non-League Videos Of The Week: The FA Cup First Qualifying Round

The FA Cup reached its First Qualifyng Round last weekend, which meant the introduction of the clubs of the Premier Divisions of the Isthmian, Southern and Northern Premier Leagues, and we have highlights from six matches from this round of the competition for you this morning. First up is the match between Cambridge City of the Southern League Premier Division and Huntingdon Town, and this is followed up by a match between two sides from the Northern League, between Durham City and Shildon, whilst our third match sees another Southern League club, St Albans City, travel to Middlesex to play Harrow Borough. The third match features the team that ended Wembley’s run in the tournament, Uxbridge, and their home match against Berkamsted FC, and we finish off with with another match between two Northern League clubs, with Bedlington Terriers at home against Bishop Auckland, and a match between two clubs from the Premier Division of the Ryman League, Bury Town and Canvey Island. The draw for the Second Qualifying Round of this years FA Cup takes place later this morning, and our thanks, as ever, go to those who take the time to record, edit and upload these matches. You can follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter by clicking...

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