Day: August 26, 2012

Match Of The Past: Charlton Athletic

This week’s matches from the archives of the clubs of the Football League Championship feature Charlton Athletic and six matches from the years between 1982 and 2001. Our first match is a Second Division match from 1982 against Watford, and we follow this up with two matches from the First Division from the 1986/87 season, and against Everton and again against Watford. Next up us a match from November 1991 against Leicester City, and we finish off with two recent matches from the clubs history – the 1998 First Division play-off final at Wembley against Sunderland and finally a Premier League match from 2001 against Arsenal at Highbury. You can follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter by clicking...

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Match Of The Week: The FA Cup – AFC Sudbury 5-0 Ilford

The earliest rounds of the FA Cup could, for those participating, be considered to have a small amount of nuisance value about them. Clubs seeking to build a little rhythm to their league seasons find that the cup interjects every two or three weeks or so, and those that are successful can find themselves with a backlog of cancelled fixtures that can cause major headaches later on in the season. Set against this, though, are the rewards. Extra gate receipts come in handy for clubs that tend to live a hand to mouth existence for the rest of the year, and there is also prize money on offer for the winners – the winners of this weekends Preliminary Round matches receive £1,750 for their toils and, while this amount of money may seem paltry to a football world in which such a sum would be considered little more than mere loose change, for many of the clubs competing this weekend such amounts may pay the wages for a week or to keep the floodlights on for a proportion of the winter. In the FA Cup, when romance starts to falter, practicalities can usually be relied upon to step into the breach. This weekends new FA Cup entrants come from the fourth tier of the non-league game, as far removed from the likes of Luton Town and Wrexham as, say,...

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