Day: August 14, 2012

The 200% Pre-Season Previews: Newcastle United

It’s easy to forget, when the news is throwing stories at us at such a high velocity as they do these days, that this time two years ago that Newcastle United supporters were anxiously returning to the Premier League after a brief sabbatical and worrying whether their club would get dragged into a relegation battle again. Time, however, makes fools of us all. Newcastle Uniteds performance last season, which ended in a fifth-placed finish, was arguably the stand-out performance of any club in the entire division and the question that must now be asked is a straightforward one: is Alan Pardew capable of repeating the alchemy that he managed last season? Such an achievement would be a quite remarkable one. Last season, the torpor that hung over Stamford Bridge and Anfield allowed a window of opportunity that may not be available again this time around. But for all the cries of last season’s performance being a flash in the pan, there are enough chinks in the armour of those that would seek to compete with them around these places in the table to suggest that a repeat may not necessarily be beyond them. True enough, Chelsea are unlikely to be as weak in the Premier League again this season as they were last time around, but both Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur have taken something of a leap in the...

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Match Of The Past: Blackburn Rovers

This morning, we return to our series of videos of the clubs of the Football League Championship with another of those relegated from the Premier League at the end of last season, Blackburn Rovers. Blackburn Rovers is a club whose initial decline arguably started with the advent of television, which makes archive footage of them a little difficult to find, but we do have six matches for you today from the years between 1968 and 1994, kicking off with a trip to Craven Cottage to play Fulham in 1968, and this is followed with a home match against Sheffield United from the 1969/70 season. We then have two matches from the 1980s. First up is an away match against Swindon Town from the Fourth Round of the FA Cup in January 1984, and then comes a home match against Aston Villa from 1988. We then have two matches from the early 1990s, as Jack Walker built the club back up. First up is an away match against Grimsby Town from the 1991/92 season, which ended with the club getting promotion into the Premier League, and our final match demonstrates how well they settled once there – it’s a home thrashing of Liverpool from the following season. You can follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter by clicking here....

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