Day: August 8, 2012

The 2012 Olympic Games: The Mens Semi-Finals

South Korea dominated the early stages of their men’s Olympic football semi-final against what Jonathan Pearce summed up perfectly as “a higgledy-piggledy mess” of a Brazil side. This led to the fleeting prospect of a South Korea v. Mexico final. And, as those two sides met at Newcastle in one of the tournament’s direst games, it was just as well the prospect was only fleeting. After the hyper-drama of the women’s semi-finals, the men’s efforts were always going to pale in comparison. And both games ran out of steam after entertaining first halves. Japan seemed unable to adapt to falling behind to an increasingly impressive Mexico, possibly because they hadn’t previously fallen behind in the tournament, having not conceded a goal in it. With referee Pavel Kralovec seemingly under strict instructions not to award penalties to South Korea, their chances of causing an upset – very much alive for 50 minutes – evaporated. And when Brazil went three-up, on 65 minutes, the game evaporated as a spectacle, with Brazil under equally strict instructions to score only three goals in every match. The Japanese pinged the ball round Wembley much as their women’s team had 24 hours earlier, except the men remembered to stick an “end product” on the…well…end – Yuki Otso tagging a stunning 20-yard drive onto the end of a slick passing move in the 12th minute. “Ah,...

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Match Of The Past: Brighton & Hove Albion

Regular readers of this site will by now be fully aware of the fact that our Match Of The Past series has now finished with the Premier League and is now ploughing its way through the Football League Championship, and those of you that have been keeping tabs on this series may well scroll down this page with a little surprise to find that we have seven videos rather than the usual six this morning. We’ve added a match to the usual selection because, well, there is so much archive footage of Brighton & Hove Albion out there, and this seems like as good a time as any to those that have turned YouTube into such a marvellous archive of football. In the case on Brighton & Hove Albion, the quite magnificent is to thank for providing us all with such a magnificent selection of matches from the past. Without the diligence of people such as those behind this site, much of the footage available to us would be sitting in archives, forgotten about by all bar a few. Moving on, this evening we have six matches plus one compilation from the years between 1972 and 1991. Our first match sees Brighton travel to The Den to play Millwall in November 1972, and we have two more matches from the 1970s to follow this. The first sees Blackpool...

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