Day: July 25, 2012

Cardiff City – A Growing Divide Between Fans

Last night a meeting was held in the Roath area of Cardiff with the intention of bringing together those who feel Cardiff City should play in blue and have a bluebird as the main focus of the club badge. The hope was that these like minded people could formulate a plan to make their voices heard in a peaceful manner. What actually took place over the course of the evening represented how divisive this issue has become amongst Cardiff City fans. After the defeat at Upton Park, rumours arose of a rebranding of the club on Cardiff City forums. Most dismissed this as nonsense but the coming weeks saw the rebranding confirmed, withdrawn and then revived. Where we stand currently is that Cardiff City’s first choice strip will be red for the coming season and the badge will predominantly feature a dragon. A number of fans decided that the identity of the club was important to them and thus, a movement was born. Keep Cardiff Blue‘s objective is to have the club’s identity restored as soon as humanly possible. Those involved in the campaign are determined to ensure that any protest and all action undertaken is in a peaceful, non-violent and non-radical manner. The campaign started a little over a month ago and in this short amount of time those involved have been accused of radicalism, on occasion they’ve been...

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Pompey Fans Rattle Some Cages

Stark reality bites. Portsmouth Football Club 5 April 1898 – 10 August 2012. R.I.P. Yet nothing is ever as it seems at Pompey. Beneath the choppy waters a constant storm wages on the ocean bed. Whilst Pompey Supporters Trust holds itself ready to do a deal with players, charge holders and creditors, the strange PR spin emanating from Fratton Park seems to be creating a web of misconception and deception. As Ian King has said already on this site, Administrator Trevor Birch has issued an ultimatum. Pompey will cease to exist on 10 August if certain senior players, as football creditors, do not come to a compromise agreement with potential new owners on what they are owed. There simply is not enough money in the club, or available in the two bids (from Balram Chainrai’s Portpin and the Pompey Supporters’ Trust), to repay them what they are owed under their current contracts. Nor is there money to sustain those contracts in League 1 next season. Over the weekend negotiations had come to resemble a Mexican stand-off. Portpin has a deal on the table, voted on by the club’s creditors and representing a CVA agreement. That deal is conditional on the high wage earners leaving the club. Birch has been working in the 28 days since the creditors meeting to that end, succeeding only in removing Hayden Mullins to Birmingham...

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