Day: July 15, 2012

100 Owners: Number 89 – Terry Smith (Chester City)

There are several clubs which will turn up more than once on this list, and one of those is Chester City FC. The story of this particular clubs last twenty years is one that could fill a book on its own, but its demise can largely be traced to the activities of three men. One, Stephen Vaughan, is unlikely to openly become involved in the running of a football club after being banned under the FAs Fit & Proper Persons rules, from being involved in the directorship of any business at the end of 2009. Another is Mark Guterman, another man that warrants a chapter of his own in this particular series. The third is a man from the United States of America whose two years in charge of the club left it without a place in the Football League for the first time since 1931 – Terry Smith.  Moving into The Deva Stadium in 1992 after two years playing their home matches in Macclesfield should have been the start of a new beginning for Chester City. It was, but perhaps not in the way that supporters of the club might have hoped for. Owner Mark Guterman had planned for Chester City to establish themselves as a feeder club to Manchester City in 1996, and idea that was quickly put to bed when he was petitioned for bankruptcy and...

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Northwich Victoria’s Summer Of Discontent

It has been a difficult summer for Northwich Victoria Football Club, two months of ongoing rancour which remains seemingly destined to end in the eventual closure of a club that is two years shy of celebrating its one hundred and fortieth anniversary but has been kicked from pillar to post so much over the last ten years or so that it is difficult to imagine any scenario which doesn’t end with the club being put out of its misery as being very remote indeed. The latest chapter in this story began when the club was reported to have failed a previously agreed CVA by its administrator and evicted from The Victoria Stadium, its home of the previous six seasons, after failing to purchase it from the liquidators of Beaconnett, the company owned by the clubs previous owner Mike Connett. After a few weeks of playing wherever it could, the club eventually signed a bizarre ground-sharing deal for next season with Stafford Rangers for next season, but was then barred from taking part in the Northern Premier League’s end of season play-offs and was subsequently relegated one division by the FA over failure to comply with the terms of its previously agreed CVA and a failure to comply with the conditions of the transfer of membership from old company to the new. While the rest of the football worlds head...

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Match Of The Past: Swansea City

Our summer historical tour of twenty clubs of the Premier League turns to Swansea City. Thirty-one years ago, Swansea were preparing for a season in the First Division, and the majority of our matches come from that golden period from the early 1980s. First up is a match from 1980 at Ninian Park against Cardiff City, and the second match is a home league match at the Vetch Field from the 1981/82 season. Next up are three matches from that First Division, against Leeds United, Liverpool and West Bromwich Albion. We then have a European Cup Winners Cup match from 1981 against Lokomotiv Leipzig and, finally, highlights from their Championship play-off final against Reading last year. You can follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter by clicking...

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