Day: July 1, 2012

Euro 2012: The Final – Spain 4-0 Italy

Football writers the world over will be frantically thumbing through their thesaureses this evening, desperately searching for new superlatives for a performance from Spain that we may well one day look back upon as the definitive of our age. Over the last few days a frankly tedious circular debate has been raging on the subject of whether Spain are “boring” or not. It’s an argument that was rendered suddenly and startlingly obsolete this evening by a complete football performance which rendered a previously impressive looking Italian side bloodied and broken. If this match had been a boxing match, it would have been stopped long ago. Had it been a horse race, they’d have shot both the horse and the jockey.  It was so one-sided as to be little more than a exhibition match by the end and, while there was something a little unfortunate about the fact that Thiago Motta did something unpleasant to his hamstring half an hour to play, but in all honesty the game, for Italy was already up. Apart from a short flourish in the opening few minutes of the second half, Italy were seldom in this match, and by its end such was the gulf between these two teams that Sergio Busquets was making an appearance in the Italian six yard area trying to back back heel the ball past the Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi...

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Match Of The Past: Liverpool FC

We continue our summer series of historical video compilations this afternoon with another of the giants of English football, Liverpool FC. Liverpool started the 1962/63 back in the First Division after eight years away, during which they finished in third place in he Second Division four times and fourth place twice – back in the days when promotion and relegation were limited to just two clubs each – before winning the Second Division title in 1962. Our first match is the first Merseyside derby after their return to the First Division against Everton – and yes, those kits with black and white pictures are a little confusing! Liverpool are in the red shirts. Our second match skips forward to the end of the decade, and extended – very extended – highlights of a trip to Molineux to play Wolverhampton Wanderers in March of 1968. Next it’s into the 1970s, and the return of the Football League championship to Anfield for the first time in seven years in 1973, our match from that season being a home match against Ipswich Town. Seasoned Liverpool supporters will need no reminding of our next match – it’s the 1977 European Cup final against Borussia Moenchengladbach in Rome, which ended in the first of the clubs five wins in that competition. We then skip forward to the 1980s and two matches from the First...

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