Day: June 29, 2012

Which Way Now For Scottish Football?

While the European Championships have been chugging along neatly in the forefront of most peoples minds over the last couple of weeks or so, football in Scotland has reached a crossroads, the ramifications of which could be felt for many years. The saga of Rangers FC and the debate – some might even say argument – over where The Rangers, the club that has emerged from the ashes of perhaps the biggest financial collapse in the entire history of British football, will start next season is now set to drag into July, with the distinct possibility of reaching a conclusion that will satisfy absolutely nobody whatsoever. The Rangers had applied to join the Scottish Premier League for the start of next season, but this has already been blown out of the water. With many supporting the placing of the club in the Third Division of the Scottish Football League, it was with no little surprise that the news coming out of the Scottish Football Association and the Scottish Football League had the distinct whiff of compromise about them. What, however, was being compromised and what might be lost if, against the wishes of many supporters in Scotland – including many Rangers supporters themselves – if this compromise is what ends up happening for the start of the new season? A considerable proportion of the problem stems from the pure...

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Match Of The Past: Reading FC

Reading FC will start their second spell in the Premier League next season having emerged from the pack in the Championship to lift the title by a single, solitary point. This, however, is a club with a very lengthy history. Founded in 1871, Reading joined the Football League in 1920, but the amount of time that they spent in the lower divisions means that finding archive footage of them can be a little tricky. Our first three matches all come from the 1987/88 season. First up is a League Cup match against Chelsea from September 1987. This is a first leg match, and it’s worth bearing in mind when watching this that the club did get through after only losing the second leg by three goals to two. There was no League Cup glory for Reading that season – they were knocked out in the Fourth Round by Bradford City, but the team did get to Wembley that season in the Simod Cup, the competition created to fill the void left by the post-Heysel ban on English clubs in Europe. They had already beaten Queens Park Rangers, Oxford United, Nottingham Forest and Bradford City by the time that they reached their semi-final match against Coventry City and, having got through that the final at Wembley attracted a crowd of 61,470 people. Our next match is from the following season,...

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