Day: June 27, 2012

100 Owners: Number 92 – Doug Ellis (Aston Villa)

If you ask the question of why the best-supported club in Englands second biggest city have managed just one English championship in the last one hundred and two years, there is a chance that some – if not many – Aston Villa supporters will have a ready-made answer: Doug Ellis. Ellis was one of the few English football club owners to survive what was a near-extinction level event for others of his generation, the formation of the Premier League and the subsequent influx of foreign capital into the top division of the game, and when he left the club in 2006, it was on his own terms and with a very healthy pay-off. Ellis was, however, considered by many of the clubs supporters to be one of the key reasons why Aston Villa took so long to recover their poise throughout the 1970s and failed to build on their surprise double of a Football League Championship and European Cup win at the beginning of the following decade. His thiriftiness when it came to paying to bring players into the club, they would argue, was only matched by ease with which he would bring the axe down on managerial careers – with good reason was he one of the few football club chairmen to earn an instantly recognisable nickname, “Deadly Doug”, a title given to him by Jimmy Greaves –...

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Truro Citys Unexpected £700,000 Headache

The end of last summer didn’t work out too well for Kevin Heaney, the property-developing owner of Blue Square Bet South side Truro City, when his attempts to by Plymouth Argyle out of administration failed after repeated promises to come good with the money for the purchase never came to fruition. And this summer may well end up coming to an unhappy end for him as well, after a winding up order issued against the club by HMRC took a turn for the strange at the High Court in London on Monday. The club was issued with its first winding up in order by HMRC in September of last year over an amount understood to be in the region of £100,000 but, after a deferral to January of this year, this debt was paid off and the petition was dismissed. The clubs difficulties didn’t end there, though. At the end of March, HMRC issued a second winding up petition that is understood to have been for an amount in the region of £51,000. In the meantime, things at the club were far from harmonious. Members of the Truro Independent Supporters Association were banned from entering the clubs Treyew Road ground at the start of last season, whilst there were persistent rumours of players and other staff not being paid. Considering this (and with a transfer embargo in place), it...

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