Day: June 12, 2012

Euro 2012: Czech Republic 2-1 Greece

Greece’s manager Fernando Santos knew what was coming – in the first half at least. He had his head down, his eyes shut and his hand wiping a furrowed brow (a neat facial trick if your eyes are closed). The speech bubble “oh no,...

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Euro 2012: Poland 1-1 Russia

Some matches have a backdrop that is more than just about football, and with more than a dozen military conflicts between the two nations over the last millennia, feelings run high. As well as a presence of around 6000 Polish...

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Euro 2012: Ukraine 2-1 Sweden

So when did Kiev host the Olympics? I always thought that an Olympic Stadium had to have at least held one. Not that it matters, of course, as the stadium in question will be Shevchenko Stadium from now on, after two Andriy...

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