Day: May 28, 2012

100 Owners: Number 96 – (George Cripps &) Joseph Connor (Leeds City)

As those of you that have been keeping up to date with this series will already be aware, there was probably no golden age for football in England when the game was completely free of corruption and malign influence. We have already looked at the controversial promotion of Arsenal into Division One of the Football League in 1919, but that year also saw the expulsion of a club that had been members of the League since a year after its formation in 1904. The tale of Leeds City AFC would come to be regarded as one of the most notable cases of corruption within the game for many years, and this was a story of circumstance that involved a man that would go on to become one of the most important managers in the history of the world game. Football in the city had started in 1885 with the formation of Leeds FC, but this club struggled to establish itself and folded shortly afterwards. After a couple of other attempts to form a club in the city, in 1904 Leeds City AFC was formed, playing its home matches at Elland Road – which had been used for football matches since 1898 – and in 1905, as the Football League sought to expand into other areas – the club joined the Football League, finishing in sixth place in Division Two...

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Euro Moments: Denmark

This mornings cartoon for the run-up to the European Championships from Dotmund features Denmark. They won this tournament once, you know, and NOBODY EXPECTED THEM TO! Don’t forget, you can see plenty more Dotmund artwork here, and you can read his trenchant opinions on just about everything here.                                       You can download the Twohundredpercent Euro 2012 spreadsheet here (for Excel 2007), whilst a version that will be compatible with older versions of Excel is available here. You can follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter by clicking...

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The 200% Review Of The Season: The Premier League

To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, the Premier League ran all manner of polls to try and decide, in its uniquely revisionist style, which had been the most exciting season in its history. We could debate what it says about the culture of modern football that last season was voted the most exciting of the lot, or that this vote was taken before the session had even ended. There is certainly a powerful case to be made for the last minute histrionics at The City of Manchester Stadium a couple of weeks ago providing a layer of drama that will be difficult to equal in years to come. Once the dust had settled, though, the 2011/12 Premier League season may come to be remembered as the season when the shrieking became rather too loud for comfort. There was no detail of last season that wasn’t too insignificant to make somebody furious for one reason or another. Whether the discussion was of the financial models of its various clubs, an apparent evening out in the quality of the clubs below the top two in the table, racism, sexism or the occasional appearance of family pets or poultry on pitches during matches, there was a constant hum of noise which accompanied this season, the sound of people getting angry and other people getting angry with those people for getting so angry in the first...

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