Day: May 17, 2012

Now That Rangers Are Saved, Part Three

Rangers’ spell in administration was best summed up deep in one of Court of Session Judge Lord Hodge’s many Rangers pronouncements over recent months. Paragraph fifty of his directions to administrators Duff & Phelps on the once thorny subject of Ticketus began “Administration has developed as a very flexible procedure to cope with the likely or actual insolvency of a company.” This flexibility was amply demonstrated in Glasgow this past week. On Sunday, Sheffield United ex-chief executive Charles Green emerged as head of the “mystery consortium” of worldwide investors which will soon own Rangers. And amid his flurry of words at his introductory press conference, he admitted that the consortium had rather circumvented standard administration processes. Rangers fans, fresh from five days of looking on as their club appeared to slowly expire, cared little that co-administrators Paul Clark and David Whitehouse had again misled the public… and other bidders. As a means to the end of Rangers’ financial woes, disingenuousness towards rival bidder Brian Kennedy was a price worth paying. Indeed, some Rangers fans may have regarded the arrogant Kennedy’s taking down a peg or two as a bonus. Yet the recent behaviour of Rangers’ administrators should be a concern far beyond the anti-Rangers factions almost relying on various authorities to deliver a knock-out blow to the club. The linguistic spat between co-administrator Whitehouse and Blue Knight-lite Kennedy was...

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Impossible To Love, Questionable Inclusions & The Fluidity Of Porridge: Business As Usual For England

So there it is, then. The provisional England squad for the 2012 European Championships. On what was at the time a slow news day, this was always likely to provoke a considerable amount of comment, but the hysteria yesterday morning and earlier this afternoon might have taken the most dedicated of frenzy-watchers by surprise. As one o’clock ticked over, the anticipation reached fever pitch. Five minutes later, though, the only sound really audible was that of slowly deflating balloons. Quite what people expected from the announcement of the England squad for the 2012 European Championships is open to question. It would have been nice if an FA spokesman in a white coat holding a clipboard had stepped out and said, “We’ve been working on this for quite a while. After years of trying, we have finally managed to clone the Dutch team from the 1974 World Cup finals and kept them in hibernation so that they qualify to play for England under residency rules”, but the reality of England’s position is that any manager has a very limited palette in terms of who he has at his disposal. As such, perhaps the reality of seeing that list of twenty-three names was a reminder to some that, for all the sunniness which followed the FAs decision to bring in Roy Hodgson rather than Harry Redknapp as the manager at this time,...

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