Day: May 9, 2012

Rangers: Miller’s Crossing Off

So…farewell, then, Bill Miller. Executive members of Scotland’s football authorities spent much of the weekend with their backs bent over – those that had spines in the first place – in order to facilitate his acquisition of Rangers. But the only progress to be made anywhere was newspapers’ discovery of a second picture of the now Rangers ex-preferred bidder – a grainy effort which looked transferred from a television image. Those who judge the unfeasibility of football club bidders by the number of different images available (think Ali Al-Faraj at Portsmouth) had their suspicions of Miller unscientifically heightened by the media’s use of the one tow-truck-based image of him. They are vindicated by his withdrawal from the “race” to buy the Ibrox insolvents. Miller’s few days as the new Mr Rangers took on a depressingly familiar pattern for seasoned West Glasgow watchers. The administrators announced a preferred bidder, a plan which freed the club of all its financial woes inside a week-and-a-bit while keeping the 1980 Drybrough Cup on the honours board and Rangers were saved again. Then came the awkward questions. Not from the Daily Record newspaper, whose blatant pro-Paul Murray agenda was torn to shreds, or indeed most of the mainstream Scottish media, but from the articulate internet cynics. Some of them were Celtic fans rather too keen on the death of Rangers for subjective analysis. Most of...

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44 Years On: Manchester City’s Last Football League Championship Revisited

The hard work, the experts will tell you, has been done. Victories against Manchester United and Newcastle United have taken Manchester City to the cusp of their first English league championship in almost four and a half decades and on Sunday afternoon a win against Queens Park Rangers at the City of Manchester Stadium will be enough to return the second part of the dynasty that the club’s lavish owners have set their hearts upon since taking control of it in 2008. Yet seasoned supporters of Manchester City will be taking little for granted. This is a club that has let them down on more than one occasion in the past, and few will be celebrating too much before the final whistle blows on Sunday afternoon. Nerves will be shredded and fingernails will be ground to the point of non-existence. Manchester City, however, have been here before. Forty-four years is a long time, when the club last became the champions of England in 1968 they did so on the last day of the season. This was a title win at the end of a season that had been dominated by the north of the country, with four of the top five clubs – Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Everton – coming from the north-west, with the other being Leeds United. Yet of these four clubs, Manchester City were...

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