Day: May 7, 2012

This Is Enfield: The Towners Resume Their Upward Trajectory

The end of season play-offs are both exhilarating and exhausting. For the clubs that finish in places just below the automatic promotion places, everything comes down those two or three matches at the end of the season and they come so quickly after the end of the normal league season that the work that has gone into securing a place just above that dotted line can feel as if it has come and gone all too quickly. This season, the Ryman League – long since shorn of its original, ancient Greek-inspired name, the Isthmian League – has run into difficulties with its end of season matches, with the weather upsetting the end of the domestic season, and nowhere was this more evident than in Division One North of this league. With two matches of the season, it had seemed as if the title race in the Ryman League Division One North was more or less over. Second placed Enfield Town were at home against Leiston, the league leaders, and the match was petering out to the goalless draw that would be enough to crown Leiston as the champions. A penalty kick two minutes into injury time for Enfield postponed that coronation until the last match of the season, but the weather threw a spanner into the works with torrential rain leading to the cancellation of Leiston’s final match of...

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Rangers Creditors Volunteer To Agree?

More “lies”? Rangers co-administrators, Paul Clark and David Whitehouse have been relatively normal in at least one aspect of their Ibrox operations. Wherever there are co-administrators, one dominant personality emerges. When insolvency practitioners such as Andrew Andronikou (Portsmouth) and Brendan Guilfoyle (Plymouth) are involved, these dominant personalities tend to be…Andrew Andronikou and Brendan Guilfoyle. At Rangers, after a few early court steps appearances from Whitehouse, Clark has taken most of the limelight, during the almost daily statements and the interviews with football journos who are unsure of the issues and are not always helped by Clark’s own uncertainty. But Clark and Whitehouse have, of course, been ultra-busy since announcing Bill Miller’s “all nonsense” bid (copyright: Rangers Supporters Trust) as their preference. So while Clark took the initial press conference and the big BBC interview inside the ground, Whitehouse had words of his own to offer. And very interesting ones they were too: heavily-influenced, it would appear, by SPL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster’s light brush with the truth on BBC Radio Scotland last Monday. Just as Clark had been almost vague enough to disappear off the screen when speaking to the BBC’s Chris McLaughlin, Whitehouse was reduced to speculation as to Miller’s reasons for dropping conditions from his bid. “I guess you can assume he has the level of comfort he needs to proceed,” he said of Miller’s demands that...

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